Lesa Smith

Lesa is an amazing volunteer and a blessing to Newspring!!  We are so thankful for all that Lesa has done over the past couple of years to help our program.  For her prayers, her initiative to respond to the need for snacks at our satellite locations, and now volunteering at the front desk every Wednesday. The energy Lesa brings seems boundless and her enthusiasm and passion is contagious! Thank you!


Milt Hempel

Milt has been an extraordinary volunteer for Newspring in every way. He is part of the early group that worked to bring economic and community help to Spring Branch. Over the years, Milt lent his business skills and his generous heart to develop and support each Newspring program. He has served faithfully as a board member and the treasurer for Newspring. Truly, Newspring would not be where it is today without Milt. Milt recently shared with the board that when he looks back over the years, he is very pleased to learn that seemingly small and insignificant efforts, when thoughtfully directed and with God on your side, can make huge contributions to many lives.


Nancy Wilfong

We are grateful to Nancy Wilfong for her service on the board of Newspring. Nancy was instrumental in leading a spiritual board retreat to strengthen the relationships of the volunteer board members and the staff. She initiated the Women’s Networking group to assist women with their business skills and create supportive relationships. Her experience as a leader on other non-profit boards helped Newspring to develop and grow. Nancy, together with her husband Hugh, are passionate about the families we serve and enjoy joining the students for celebrations. Nancy is intentional about her efforts, a strategic thinker and a wonderful friend to Newspring. 


Mary Kay Coleman

We are grateful to Mary Kay Coleman for her service on the board of Newspring. Mary Kay has been instrumental in creating relationships with community leaders and serving on the fundraising committee. Her passion for Spring Branch is evident in everything she does!



A.D. Players

A big thanks to the A.D. Players for hosting the Student Art Auction in May. Their enthusiasm for Newspring and their continual partnership is a true blessing.


Betty Carrion

Betty Carrion, a rising senior at Stratford High School, volunteers frequently in the art studio, assisting younger students with their artwork and our staff with preparations for future lessons. She also is an artist in her own right and participated in the Student Art Auction. We are always glad to have Betty helping in the studio!


Ayddee Amaro

is a sophomore at Westchester Academy for International Studies. Ayddee has volunteered with Newspring during the last two summers and continues to volunteer during the regular school year when time permits. She enjoys being at the studio and interacting with the younger students. We love having Ayddee in the studio!


Eric Kuhn

has served with the Newspring Edge program as a subject matter expert for technology this year. Program trainees value his input with their individual businesses. His expertise in technology is a wonderful resource for advisers and trainees. He has been a loyal mentor and participant in and contributor to the Newspring Business Plan Competition and Edge programs for several years. Thank you Eric!