Sandra Melgar (Summer 2018 Intern)

“Helping students strengthen their artistic skills brings me a lot of joy. I’m grateful to be part of their journey.”

Juan Landin (Summer 2018 Intern)

“Newspring gave me the confidence to share my gift with the community and encourage other students to be fearless in pursuing their dreams.”

Natividad Mosqueda (Summer 2017 Intern)

“Newspring’s Passport to the World was an inviting program that let me be part of enriching our local youths lives, and I’m very grateful for that.”


Chinh Pham (Summer 2017 Intern)

“It’s a special place, full of opportunities for all students to be creative.”


Juan Islas (e-Vision 1 Productions)

The Newspring Edge program is the perfect complement for the Business Plan Competition, because there is so much to learn in so little time and Edge will go in depth, not only on theory, but with real life practices that will bring your game to the next level. This is what Newspring Edge offers: support, advise, experience and wisdom from all the mentors, volunteers and members that are in charge of the program. I am grateful and feel blessed that I am part of it.”

Susan Marriott (BioScience Writers)

“Since completing the BPC April 2014, we have opened two new on-site business locations at universities in the Texas Medical Center and we are currently in conversations with three more major players to open additional on-site concierge offices.  I found the BPC team concept to be invaluable and brought four key employees to the BPC training sessions.”