Student Art Auction

| Submissions Closed |

Newspring is proud to present the annual student art auction! Open to all middle and high school students in SBISD. All mediums will be accepted including oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, prints, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, photography, and digital art. All artwork must be original and must not infringe upon any copyright or the rights of any person. SUBMISSION: FINISHED 2-D WORK MAY BE NO LARGER THAN 30 INCHES unframed. Canvases should not exceed 48 inches; 3-D pieces should not exceed 36″ high or 18″ wide. No minimum size. Newspring reserves the right to reject inaccurately represented work, or incomplete submission.

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Any questions about submitting artwork please email or for help.

March 11 – Extended Deadline for submission

March 20 – Notification e-mailed to student artists and teachers of selected artwork

March 23th – 26th – Selected artwork must be dropped off at Newspring Art Studio by student or teacher 

April 24th – Student Art Auction Event

Notification of selected artwork will be e-mailed to student artists and teachers on March 20, 2019.

What is the Student Art Auction?

Our Spring Student Art Auction is an annual event, held late spring. Students in the middle and high schools in SBISD submit their art to be juried by a panel. The art is featured in a Silent Auction, and all auction proceeds go directly to the individual student artists. The Newspring Scholarships are also awarded that evening. We’ve sold, over $100,000.00 of student art!


If you have any questions about the art auction please call Lori Peltier at 713-590-0100 or email with questions.


What if my art is not selected for the auction?

If your art is not selected, Newspring hopes you will consider selling your art through the Art Studio and that you will try again next year.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid the full price of the highest bid with the option of a Visa gift card (accepted everywhere a Visa is accepted) or a savings account check.  We have resources available to direct students with regard to opening a savings account if they are so inclined.

What size should my piece be?

Canvases should not exceed 48 inches; other 2-D pieces should not exceed 30 inches unframed; 3-D pieces should not exceed 36” high or 18” wide. There is no minimum size.

Should I give a name/title to my piece?

Yes, a title is MANDATORY for your pieces.

What if my art is selected but isn’t sold?

If your art is not sold, it will be returned to you with the frame we have provided after the event. Please consider selling your art through the Art Studio and try again next year.

Can I attend the auction?

Yes, attendance is essential to your success in the Art Auction.  Be prepared to answer questions about your art.  For example: Why did you select this subject?  What made you decide to use this medium?  What was your inspiration?

What do you mean by “dimensions”?

We are asking for the size of your finished, unframed piece.  Please list dimensions as heightxwidthxdepth.  Depth must only be included if your work is three-dimensional and is not necessary for 2-D pieces.

Should I sign my piece? Where?

Your pieces should be signed discreetly on the back in the bottom right corner of the piece.

Will my art be framed?

All 2-D pieces not on gallery-wrapped canvas will be framed for display. Pieces on gallery-wrapped canvas will be wired for hanging and 3-D pieces will be displayed on tables at the auction.

Can I bring friends and family?

Friends and family are welcome to attend.

How many pieces may I submit?

You may submit as many pieces as you wish, although we recommend submitting your best 5 as we will only take up to 3 of your pieces. You will submit entries through your teacher.  If you have any further questions, contact your teacher.  Your teacher will notify students of accepted pieces.

Can I get a photo of my piece for my portfolio?

Yes, you can request a photo electronically of your piece by emailing with your name and the title of the piece.

How will my art be displayed?

We will be displaying 2D art on easels at the auction, and 3D pieces on display tables.

Will I owe taxes on the income from selling my work?

The proceeds from the sale of your art are taxable income. If your income exceeds $600.00 in your art sales, you will be required to fill out a W-9 Tax Form before you receive your payment of earnings from the auction.  You will need to include this income on your 2017 tax return, or on the return of your parents. You will be asked to complete proper W-9 if your sales are over $600.00 per year.  Feel free to contact us with any questions if you need help or guidance through this process.


Can I submit pieces that were previously submitted to Rodeo or VASE?

Yes, you may submit pieces previously submitted to other contests so long as they have already been returned to you.

What is the deadline for submitting my piece?

The deadline is March 6. No incomplete art will be accepted for judging.