Nadine Herrera


Nadine Herrera grew up in Houston, is a graduate of Houston Baptist University, and has always enjoyed serving her community. She received her MBA in 2009 and after working for AT&T for 15 years, decided to leave the company to pursue her dream of helping others through a non-profit organization.  In 2013, she accepted the position of Visual Arts Coordinator which allows her to serve and support the students of Spring Branch through Newspring’s afterschool visual arts program. Nadine firmly believes that communication and good relationships with students and their families are the key to a successful afterschool program.

Lori Peltier



Lori has taught art at the Wesley Center, Quillian Center, and at MDPC’s Yellow School.

Jaki Negreros


Jaki Negreros is a teaching artist at Newspring. She discovered her passion as a research assistant in Austin during her last semester as an undergrad. Jaki knew she wanted to give students a voice and make an impact in her community. She earned her B.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 and is a former Newspring student. You will most likely find her at Slugfest Printmaking Workshop in Austin working on her portfolio on the weekends.