Volunteer professional artists step into the middle and high school classrooms to share their knowledge, inspiration, and real world experiences to the students of SBISD.  The variety of artists expands the student’s exposure to successful careers and income opportunities through art. The career mentoring creates an avenue for students to learn more about internship and scholarship possibilities in various art fields.

Visitations are coordinated through the Newspring Visual Arts Director. Presentations are made during the school day, an all school assembly, or location presentation. The artists are rotated through the school year, and a presentation is scheduled approximately each six weeks during the school year.

Artists are registered within the district, and generally present from 1-1/2 hours, or successive classes, as requested by the instructors. Internet access and projector is utilized by most speakers. Many classes prepare for the speaker by observing their website prior to the visit.

If the teacher has special curriculum desired, simply inform Newspring to include specific points to be included in the presentation. For example; color, composition, design elements, to tie curriculum to professional fields.

Professional Photographers

Juan Islas –


Professional Videographers
Juan Islas –
Graphic Design

Keith McNay –


John Wilkinson –
Gallery Owner
Atul Vir –
Painters/Finishing Arts

Justin Garcia –

Keith McNay –

Leslie Sinclair –


Roman Martinez –
Floral Design

Marcia Wilson –

Elaine Ousley –

Interior Design

Bill Stubbs –

Leslie Sinclair –