Third Annual Prayer Breakfast

Newspring and St. Jerome’s Catholic Church sponsored the third annual Spring Branch Prayer Breakfast on June 13 at St. Jerome’s.  Father Dan Scheel opened the breakfast and introduced keynote speaker Shern-min Chow of KHOU Channel 11.  Leading prayer were Josef Klam (SBISD trustee and Pastor at Chapelwood UMC), Josh Anderson, (HFD), Rick Minett, pastor of Grace Community Church, Allison Gower (Communities in Schools) and Robert Westheimer (Newspring).  Barbara Retzloff (Pines Presbyterian) gave the benediction.


Prayer Breakfast at St. Jerome’s

We had a wonderful community gathering for the 2nd annual Spring Branch prayer breakfast at St. Jerome’s Catholic Church. Many thanks to Rev. Father Dan Scheel, who opened the breakfast with a prayer, and the parish council for hosting the event. Congressman Ted Poe, a Spring Branch alum, gave our keynote address and talked about the power of prayer and community. In addition, representatives from the Spring Branch community offered prayers for Spring Branch. Prayer were led by Mary Grace Landrum, former trustee of SBISD, Scotty Sanders, Director of The Faith Center, Rev. Alf Halverson, Memorial Drive Presbyterian, Susan Bolling, Executive Director, Westside Homeless Partnership and Robert Westheimer, founder of Newspring. The Benediction was delivered by Rev. Tammy Heinrich, Chapelwood United Methodist Church.

Dear Lord,

I ask that, with your help, we could bring an end to bullying in our schools. Soften the hearts of every student and teach them to appreciate and value every one of their classmates.  Give hope to the bullied and wisdom to the administrators in dealing with this critical issue. In Jesus’ name-amen

Congressman Ted Poe talking about the power of prayer and community.

For the following ministries serving our neighbors in Spring Branch:Gracewood, Cornerstone Family Ministries, Mission of  Yahweh. For the children, parents, and staff of Cedar Brook Elementary School. For all church congregations in Spring Branch to have a heart to serve the community.

That every school in Spring Branch would have a church partner-a partner in the true sense of working together as equals in a long-term committed way.

That every child in Spring Branch would know that at least one adult truly loves them and wants the very best for them.

Prayers for the staff of Newspring so they can heal the need and offer a gentle hand and heart to the students. Prayers for the Newspring Board, to do God’s will for Newspring. Open their hearts and eyes to the needs of Spring Branch.

Father God,

I beg you to bring your kingdom to earth here in Spring Branch as it is in Heaven. There are so many needs in our neighborhood. However, I know these needs are not overwhelming to you. I know your grace super abounds over all of the needs, fears, challenges and opportunities. I also know that I can trust you. I can trust you because you have already met my greatest need by offering up your son to live, bleed, suffer and die on the cross for my sins. Please, Father, bring that Gospel power here in Spring Branch. Amen.


Change the hearts of your people to be compassionate and not to be so busy about what we perceive as “your work” that we walk by the needy and the hurting people we see every day.

Gracious and loving God, we pray for the families of Spring Branch–children, parents, teens, adults young and old.

Enliven and empower us to be the Good News; to bring a cool cup of water to your thirsty world. In your Son’s name we pray, AMEN.

Lord, please light a fire of hope in this community.

Prayer for Families: Peace, Harmony, Understanding, Love, Forgiveness, Unity, Truth, and Joy.

Holy Father,

As your Son taught us to pray we ask that your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Specifically we ask that you make your kingdom come and will be done in Spring Branch as it is in heaven. We ask that you would glorify yourself by eradicating poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, crime, and injustice in Spring Branch. We long for a day in which all the people of Spring Branch call out for salvation on the name of the Lord. In Christ’s name, amen.


Please show me how to serve my fellow man/neighbor using the gifts and talents you have given me-amen.

Pray for the Lord’s guidance and clear direction for every school in Spring Branch to ultimately partner with a local church and through His power bring godly community transformation.

Dear Lord,

Help us to find a peaceful place to gain control and clarity to ward the purpose of our life.  Help us to listen better, see clearly and act with love and compassion as in the way of the lord.

I offer this prayer to you father God, and ask for all the children in Spring Branch to be uplifted by you Father God.  Fill these children with the holy spirit and lead them with your light and presence Father God so they may always seek you Father.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless us as a community to listen to the voices in Spring Branch–hear their needs and help us to take actions to help the churches and schools in the area.

Our Father,

Help us to listen when you speak to us, and when you reach out, to hear what you are saying to us.  Then we must act, particularly to help our SBISD students, teachers and staff.

 Newspring Business Plan Competition Awards Ceremony

HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition Awards $26,000 in Seed Capital to Top Prize Winners on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, Houston Community College and Newspring celebrated winners of the ninth annual HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition, awarding $26,000 in prize money and over $10,000 in in-kind prizes to some of Houston’s rising entrepreneurs.

2016 Winners

TCC Learning won first place and was awarded $12,000 along with a $2,300 media package from Small Business Today Magazine and Talk Show. Second place winners included Energy Fundz with an $8,000 prize.  There was a tie for third Place for the first time in the competition’s history with $2,500 being awarded to Ole Noe and another $2,500 to Twice Media Productions.  A $1,000 honorable mention was also awarded to True You Makeovers.

Cash prize sponsors included LiftFund, Wallis State Bank, Midway, Amegy Bank of Texas, MetroNational, Constant Contact and Provideo Systems.  In-kind prize sponsors included the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Today Magazine, Presentation Power and Wallis State Bank.   True Color Graphics and Three Brothers’ Bakery were in-kind reception sponsors.

Awards Ceremony & Reception

The awards ceremony and reception was held at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center with contestants, advisors, competition partners, sponsors and community supporters in attendance.
Dr. Zachary Hodges, President, HCC Northwest opened the ceremony.  Robert Westheimer Newspring Founder and Chairman, followed and, next was competition trainer Richard Tyler. Competition leader Jack Barry then took the stage. He recognized past winners and all 26 completer teams for the 2016 competition.   Next Barry called up finalists to the stage to speak about their business concepts before announcing winners and awarding prize money!First place winner Todd Bermont spoke to the crowd: “Dr. Hodges you have assembled a tremendous team of people that put in a wonderful effort throughout the competition.  I can honestly say the education I received at HCC in this competition far surpasses anything that I have experienced in my career. I also want to once again thank my advsiors who were both incredible.  Words can’t describe the profound impact this competition has had on both my business and my life. Houston is fortunate to have the Houston Community College System!”
The HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition is a working contest that award prized slots in the competition to an unprecedented 30 teams chosen from over 60 applications in January 2016.  In order to apply, at least one member of each contestant team must have completed either specified business planning classes at HCC or have graduated from the HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. The 30 teams won the opportunity, to vet their business assumptions through five training sessions and one-on-one mentoring from February through April; all designed to polish and refine their plans to start and grow their businesses.
Jack Barry leads and delivers the competition training along with Richard Tyler. Newspring Chairman, Robert Westheimer rallies 60 business mentors assigned, two per team to provide one-on-one mentoring to the contestant teams.
Newspring greatly appreciates our strategic partner Houston Community College, competition mentors, judges, and sponsors for making this the best competition to date!


Prayer Breakfast Quotes, Testimonials, and Prayers


Lord, I pray for unity among all the churches of Spring Branch- I pray that you would bless their leaders with vision, physical health and spiritual health. I pray that they would serve this community with love, joy and strength in the name of Jesus Christ.

For families, please God, bless them; that fathers be the best of fathers, that mothers be the best of mothers, that children be the best of children, may they hold together and grow together, may they respect each other and love each other, may they renew themselves in their descendants.


For continued guidance as we pursue opportunity and hope for the disadvantageous, at-risk population in Spring Branch.

For awareness, understanding, compassion and energy as we create partnerships to serve the entire community.

For employment for those without jobs.

For every child in SBISD.

Father so many of our community families and students have a love of learning and hold school in high regard. We pray that this grows and consumes all students and families in Spring Branch so our area continues to prosper.


I pray that as the school year is dismissed our children are safe.  I pray that those children that depend on the school year for structure and nourishment are blessed with nourishment and the wisdom to make the right decisions to continue on the path to you Lord.  In your son’s name Jesus, I pray Amen.


This was a wonderful event, I do hope to do this again!!


What a great idea to bring us together!

I pray for the 3 pillars of the Spring Branch community: Churches, Schools, and Businesses.

That they work together to help the community grow and prosper. That we never forget that God asks us to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.


Great idea! Needs to be continued.

Praises and thanks for supporting artists through scholarships


I pray that all the children will have the basics like food, clothes, safety and can dream of big things in their future.


Thank you Lord- For all the leaders in the Spring Branch Community. Bless them and energize them and give them strength to continue their good work in the community. God bless the people involved in Newspring.

Pray for the children of Spring Branch who are incarcerated, that they may find hope. Pray for the closure of DAEP’s all over Texas (District Alternative Education Programs).

Pray for parents, kids, and families so they have guidance and be in the light of God as they make choices to leave their life honest, under the light of Jesus. Amen!

Pray for the volunteers who give their time and resources.

I pray that every child who needs a mentor will get one.

Praying that God will send more volunteers to serve as mentors to the youth in Spring Branch schools. Praying for strength and encouragement to those now serving as mentors in the area.

I pray for the children, for the aches they bring and for the opportunities and potential they cannot see…that the adults will believe and have faith in each child’s (of all ages) spirit and future and invent whole heartedly in it.

My prayer is for the transition at SBISD with Dr.Muri. Pray for God’s provision and blessing in that transition. I also pray for all the kids that are out of school this summer for food to eat and support for their families.

For local governments and officials, may they be led with God’s spirit and their guide. God, may you work through their hearts, hands and minds. Give them your guidance, and your peace, which surpasses all understanding. Amen.

Lord, We pray that you enlighten the kids of Spring Branch, give them the wisdom &  knowledge to continue their education prosper into the future you have planned for them, Amen

Pray for:

Those without even a high school education, who want to work.

Pray for people moving in and within community. Pray for retired people to get engaged in community service and for us to be example of Christ’s love.

My prayer is for a community of faith that continues to grow and reach the unsaved. I pray for our local, state, and natural leaders to hear His cry, for help and act responsibly upon it. I pray for all these things in His name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer to help and make us aware of  how much His love is in us. We are worthy of this gift each and every moment, good times and bad times.

I pray that God continue to flow in our community as evident in all who were here today, God Bless

Historical Perspective do for current what did for past 60’s and 70’s children, to 2000-10’s children effect on Houston/Nation of  success/failure in Spring Branch. Unity-shalom. God’s blessing guidance.

 Newspring Business Plan Competition Awards Ceremony


Join us April 28th at 4:00 PM at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center as we announce the winners of the 2015 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition!  Seed Capital Prizes will be awarded for the winners to start their dream business.
Dr. Zachary Hodges, President of HCC Northwest; and Jack Barry III, Business Plan Competition Coordinator, will be speaking; and Denton Ragland, President & CEO of Newspring, will be presenting at the awards ceremony. Hors d’oeuvres will be served before and after the ceremony.

The 2015 HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition conducted by strategic partner Newspring and the HCC Center for Entrepreneurship at HCC Spring Branch has been a great success, with 25 teams, advised by nearly 60 Newspring business mentors.

Our ceremony is to celebrate and congratulate the advisors and contestants for all 25 teams who moved through the competition January through April and submitted written plans together!

The five finalists will present their business plans before Newspring Judges on Thursday, April 23rd.   On Monday, April 28th at the Awards Ceremony, teams will learn how they placed and be presented with cash prizes.


  • Jack Barry III, retired CEO, author, consultant, member of the Newspring Business Council
  • Richard Tyler, CEO, Richard Tyler International, Inc.
  • Jack Barry IV, Founder and CEO, ClientBridge, LLC
  • Sheila Kay Johnstone, Owner, Sheila Kay Johnstone, Inc.
  • Steve Retzloff, Chairman, Allegiance Bank of Texas
  • Richard Schissler, Owner, Richard Schissler Management Consulting
  • Atul Vir, President, Equator Advanced Appliances


Contestant Teams:

  • 3rd I Patient Monitoring– Gwen Mitchell, Marcus Sims, and Levon Brown; Advisors: Art Fallon and Ron Stenzel.
  • Closet Cabins– Muhammad Ghazi; Advisors: Mike Eyre, Erik Garcia, and Mark Baldwin.
  • Destination 4 Relocation– Landi Spearman, Robbie Spearman, and Eric Dockery; Advisors: Terry Sabom and Chuck Weiser.
  • EZELAUNCH– Elaina Rankin, Toby Lomax, and Luis Hernandez; Advisors: Heather Bain and Cathleen Avila.
  • Genesis BCS– Debra Schindler-Boultinghouse, Brad Petrasek, Kyle Schindler, and Luke Burgess; Advisors: Mark Sweet and Jeff Wilkinson.
  • Got Dirty Blinds?, LLC**– Nina Rios Youngers and James Youngers; Advisors: Robert Westheimer and Ed Peine.
  • Grass On The Go– Saul Alan Barrera; Advisors: Vicki Keiser and Susanne Mariga.
  • (HD2)**– Hussain Ali and Irtiza Arain; Advisors: Michael Hick and Norman Lee.
  • InfintelEye– April McAllister; Advisors: Jarrett Price and Michael Frewer.
  • JuniorLevel –Nell Reed; Advisors: Bill Gentner and Bill Stubbs.
  • K Lilia Interior Design LLC– Keesha Allen; Advisors:  Marcia Wilson and Mark Sweet.
  • Leak Properties, LLC– Juan Zane Crawford, Nicole White, Rowena Miles, Bill Pitre, and Michelle Boulding-Smith; Advisors: Rob Burchfield and Kevin Hannon.
  • Morphic Studios– Janine Garcia, Tommy White, Christopher Khuong, and Cassidy Chau; Advisors: David Ott and Ed Padar.
  • My Trendy Place– Lisa Amosu- Smith; Advisors: Saurabh Bansal and Laura Fineberg.
  • Organic Soul Foods– Debra Hunter; Advisors: Scott Owen and Sashe Dimitroff.
  • Productivity Coach Training– Johanna Williams, Elwanda Bennett, Lela Pickens, and Nicole White; Advisors: John Krebs and Mark Sorrell.
  • SAILS Maritime Academy– Sue Kerver; Advisors: Tracy Little and Steve Rosencranz.
  •– Shanon Tatum; Advisors: David Short and Marcus Jonesi.
  • SOHMIUMe– Christopher Morgan, Jesus Anguiano, and Shiraun Jacob; Advisors: Ray McLaughlin and Tom McClurkin.
  • SPARC– Joshua Ashmore, Shirley Gonzales, and Fernando Mendoza; Advisors: Tom Asch and Howard London.
  • Taste Houston**– Jaron Moore and Cody Scanlin; Advisors: John Hartman and Harry Tallichet.
  • Texas Swim Academy**– Bruce McMordie, William McMordie, Kathleen McMordie, Shannon Schuster, and Anja Mitric; Advisors: John Van Osdall and Rollie McGinnis.
  • The Bridal Vault– Kelah N. Raymond and Ginia Warren; Advisors: Sophie Haci and Laura Koch.
  • The Hope WorX Housing Project– Curtis Holland; Advisors: Clay Coan and Kirk Zickler.
  • Three Brothers Bakery**- Janice Jucker, Robert Jucker, Thomas Baker, and Jason Tidwell; Advisors: Robert Rutherford and Rino Cassenelli.

 ** Finalist Teams              


Come celebrate our aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and help them make valuable connections to start and grow their businesses! 


We celebrate all our completer teams!