What is the Butterfly Festival?

The Butterfly Festival marries the skills of local artists and art students to adorn our community with the loveliest insects in all creation. Super-sized aluminum butterflies will be created and displayed across the area, adding life to streets, parks, businesses, and schools. The proceeds raised from the sale of these butterflies will benefit local scholarship funds, opening the door to higher education for students who could never dream of college.

Come and spread your wings and fly with the butterflies! Glide into owning a butterfly (or two). Land on a sponsorship, giving a butterfly
to the school, church or charity of your choice. We will even create a butterfly of your personal design. And feel good about the at-risk students whose lives will be transformed by a college education that was out of their reach.

Butterfly Updates

The first butterfly is done!

The first butterfly, created for an individual patron, has been decorated by Scott Keairnes and his art class at Northbrook High School. Our delivery of the first 25 butterflies are now nearly sold out! We are currently taking shipment of 25 more, to be delivered in the Fall.

Butterflies on the move!

Our first two butterflies are off to be sealed. Thanks to Forney Construction for very careful transportation, and to Rollie McGinnis and his Best Collision Center, each butterfly will receive a coat of the same sealer that is used on autos. That way, even the Houston sun won’t fade them over the years.


Interested in transforming our community?

If you’d like to learn how you can have your own custom-decorated butterfly, contact Robert Westheimer at rwestheimer1@comcast.net

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Benefits from the Butterfly Festival?

Local at-risk students who receive college scholarships. For students who could never imagine attending college, this will truly change their lives and the lives of their families

Who are the sponsors?

Each butterfly has a sponsor. Sponsors participate on one of four levels, including Kaleidoscope Sponsor, Swarm Sponsor, Family Sponsor and Butterfly Patron. Sponsors choose a design from those submitted by our local artists and art students, or they may design their own (must be approved by our Butterfly Review Board). Sponsors include businesses, foundations, churches, schools and individuals.

Who are the artists?

Local professional artists, art teachers and art students in SBISD schools. Upon approval, designs will be made available to sponsors, who may select from them or submit their own design.

Where will the butterflies be placed?

The butterflies will land at the chosen location of each sponsor. These could be literally anywhere in the Greater Houston area — schools, businesses, parks, churches, etc. Maps will direct local residents who wish to drive through the area to see them.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to volunteer to fly with the butterflies, sign up on our volunteer portal.

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