The Newspring Art Auction

Newspring created the Visual Arts program to encourage students to remain in school and utilize their God-given talents. One way to recognize their talent is to conduct this auction, where the highest quality work receives a true marketplace reward. Speaking to auction guests and having their families see the value of their artwork are additional benefits of the event.

All proceeds from the sales of artwork go directly to the students. Your purchase of one or more works of original art serves as a tangible reminder of the importance of education and furthering their artistic abilities.


The Silent Auction Works

Visit each artist and view their artwork! Enter your bid on the bid sheet located near the artwork. Print your name clearly and complete your contact information. Check back frequently!

The auction will begin at 6:00pm and conclude at 8:00pm. Payment and pick up of the artwork will begin 15-20 minutes after the auction closes. Payment methods include cash, checks and credit/debit cards. Winners who are unable to remain through the pick-up time will be contacted to make arrangements for payment and art pickup.


Highlights from Last Year

Newspring’s tenth annual Student Art Auction was held October 13 at the Forney Building.  Sales totaled $7,000.  As always, all sales proceeds go to the student artists.  Over its ten year history, this event has provided over $140,000 in income to student artists.